About Us

Built in the 1950s, The Patrician Grill located at 219 King Street East (just one block west of Sherbourne on King Street) has been a family owned restaurant since November 1967 when Louie and Helen Papas purchased it. Not much has changed since then. The cozy booths and long 50s style countertop which overlooks the kitchen has been feeding the business crowd, students from George Brown College and more recently the local residents.

Sadly, Louie passed away in December of 2011 and Helen has since retired but son Terry Papas and brother-in-law Chris Slifkas have taken over and are keeping it authentic by serving up the traditional homemade food (hamburgers, daily soups, Meatloaf Fridays, just to name a few) that has made The Patrician Grill a success for over 45 years.

The Patrician is also a popular venue for television shows (Due South, Suits, The Firm), music videos and photo shoots.

Priding ourselves on our food and a fun casual atmosphere, it’s a place where “they know your name”.

“We have been enjoying lunches at The Patrician for years. It is a friendly, family restaurant with great food, especially the banquet burger platter.” 

– Sara

“I first ate at the Patrician about 30 years ago and have been ordering things like organic cappuccino and pomegranate sorbet there regularly since. The day they actually serve it to me will be the day I stop going.” 

– Don

“diner food of yesteryear made fresh and tasty today” 

– Deb

“great food, grumpy owner. Terry is Toronto’s own soup Nazi” 

– Michael

“When I came to Toronto in the late 1960s, you could get a hot turkey sandwich at just about any corner. Nowadays every diner, eatery and hot spot is given  over to the latest foodie trendlets. So it’s refreshing that a place like the Patrician refuses to abandon its culinary origins. Meatloaf.  Baby beef liver.  Toasted clubs. Western omelettes. Hot turkey sandwiches.” 

– Paul

“Stop in after 2 and they will solve your problems as well as your hunger.” 

– Tess

“The Patrician is where diets go to die, and where the world’s best club sandwich is given life.” 

– Warren

“I have loved the Patrician ever since my buddy Warren Kisnella introduced me to it. There are no” customers” at the Patrician. When you eat there you are treated like a member of Terry’s family. The food is really, really good… and if you truly love bacon you won’t find better ANYWHERE.” 

– Kory

“You really don’t make friends with salad and the Patrician supplies a friendly environment to enjoy a bacon cheeseburger with a side of poutine – without any judgement!” 

– Dennis